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Welcome to Classic Photo Supplies..

Classic photography is still with us and in fact it is on an upward trend in popularity. There’s nothing like the feeling of taking your own pictures and then developing them yourself. The process from start to finish is lots of fun and extremely rewarding.

So this is where we come in, providing an online store for you to find your next piece to help create those magical moments.

Started by Brett in 2020, Classic Photo Supplies is your friendly helpful supplier of photographic equipment. We supply a range of film cameras, instant cameras, a range of films for all, developing chemicals and then all the developing accessories that you need. We can also provide you will a full gift kit.

Brett has been in the photographic industry since 2013, with building knowledge and gaining a keen interest, especially in analogue side photography.

A word from Brett…

“Firstly, thank you for visiting us here at Classic Photo Supplies. I hope you like what you see and can find what you want. One of my main priorities is looking after customers. Throughout my life with my own experiences, one thing that I feel goes a long way is if the customer support/service is great, it really does make a difference. So I want to incorporate this into Classic Photo Supplies and make your experience pleasant and trouble free.

Thank you and have a great day 😊”

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