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Polaroid I-Type Color 24 Shots

Polaroid I-Type Color 24 Shots

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Introducing Polaroid's Color I-Type Film, tailored for modern Polaroid instant cameras like the OneStep 2, OneStep+, Polaroid Now, and Polaroid Lab. Embrace the timeless vintage aesthetic with each cartridge delivering 8 instant photographs adorned with the iconic white frame. With three 8-shot cartridges in this pack, you'll have 24 shots in total, offering a cost-efficient option for capturing your favorite moments.

Designed for the latest Polaroid camera models, this film eliminates the need for batteries, reducing costs while maintaining exceptional quality. Whether you're documenting everyday adventures or special occasions, Polaroid's Color I-Type Film ensures vibrant colors and sharp details, preserving your memories in stunning clarity.

Unleash your creativity and relive the joy of instant photography. Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary snapshots with the flick of a wrist. With Polaroid's Color I-Type Film, the possibilities are endless. So grab your camera, load up the film, and embark on a journey of nostalgia and discovery. Create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

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