Fuji Color C200 36 Exposure Film

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  • Film speed ISO 200
  • Delivers high quality colour
  • Fine grained results
  • Excellent for people shots, capturing skin tones naturally and beautifully
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Lovely delivered tones
  • Great latitude and beautiful results

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Fuji Color C200 36 Exposure Film an affordable film that delivers high-quality colour renditions and moderate grain, Fujifilm C200 is forgiving with highlights and known for providing reliable results across different lighting situations.

Forget the iPhone’s Portrait mode, Fujifilm C200 is what you need to capture amazing portraits. When you want a really fine-grained and natural-looking result under mixed daylight conditions, C200 is the ideal choice. Equally excellent for people shots, capturing skin tones naturally and beautifully, C200 delivers an image sharpness that many 100 ISO films find hard to equal.

C200 is the latest negative film from Fuji and is unique in its makeup. It is essentially Superia film, but without the 4th layer technology, hence the fact it is a more economical option.

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Colour, Negative

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