Fuji Film Pro 400H 120 5 Pack

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  • Colour ISO 400
  • A high speed professional film
  • Lovely gentle film, soft colours and fine grain
  • Perfect for wedding and portrait photography when you need to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments.
  • Wide exposure range
  • Lovely delivered tones
  • Sharp and detailed

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Fuji Pro 400H 120 is a modern generation professional daylight type colour negative film. Fujifilm incorporates their fourth colour-sensitive layer, in addition to the conventional three RGB-sensitive layers, into Pro 400H. With it’s extremely useful high ISO speed rating of 400, PRO 400H will provide faithful reproduction of neutral greys. Fuji Pro 400H also has a sharp fidelity over a wide exposure range from under to overexposures.

It will produce superb skin tones with a smooth continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows. As well as give an excellent three-dimensional feeling in such details as fabrics and other textures.

By incorporating the most current technologies, this film is able to meet a wide range of photographic needs, from portrait and wedding photography to commercial and fashion work.

Negative density level unified with other PRO series films for maximum printing uniformity and efficiency.

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