Ilford Black and White Microphen Developer 1L

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  • General purpose black and white film developer for all film types (except chromogenic i.e. Ilford XP2). Low ISO film types achieve an additional 1/2 to 1 stop speed increase. For fast films can be +3 stops
  • Two parts A & B mixed to make stock solution
  • Stock solution is made which can then be diluted 1+1 or 1+3 as required
  • For use in hand drums, rotary discard, trays and deep tanks
  • Protectan spray (Item CPS105193) can be used to extend working life of partially used concentrates and working solutions

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Black and white powder film developer designed to allow user to increase film speed and still produce fine grain results. Higher ISO rated film like HP5 Plus can have speed pushed up to 3200 ISO.

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Microphen (powder)


Black & White Film Developer


To make 1000ml stock solution


Stock, 1+1, 1+3


Optimum temperature 20C


FP4 Plus (125 ISO) 8m (stock); 10m (1+1); 14m (1+3)


4 inversions for 10 seconds, every minute

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CPS1173875 Ilford Microphen 1L