Ilford Black and White Perceptol Developer 1L

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  • Very fine grain black and white film developer for all film types (except chromogenic i.e. Ilford XP2). Negatives achieve maximum detail and sharpness with Perceptol formulation and has a particularly wide range for slow to fast emulsions across different film manufacturers
  • Two parts A & B mixed to make stock solution
  • Stock solution is made which can then be diluted 1+1 or 1+3 as required
  • For use in hand drums, rotary discard, trays and deep tanks
  • Protectan spray (Item 105193) can be used to extend working life of partially used concentrates and working solutions

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Black and white powder film developer giving extra fine grain for high detail and sharpness. Gives finer sharpness than ID-11 with a slight decrease in film speed. Produces better quality enlargements compared with standard fine grain developers.

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Black & White Film Developer


Perceptol (powder)


To make 1000ml stock solution


1+1, 1+3


Optimum temperature 20C


FP4 Plus (125 ISO) 12m (stock); 15m (1+1); 21m (1+3)


4 inversions for 10 sec every minute

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CPS1960529 Ilford Perceptol 1L