JOBO 1520 Universal Developing Tank Including 1 x Reel For 35mm or 120/220 Film

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  •  Jobo 1520 Developing Tank for all black and white and colour processing chemicals. A high-quality modular system that can be expanded as your processing requirement do. An expander ‘base’ unit can be purchased Item No. CPS1530 that will take an additional 3 x 35mm or 4 x 120 films
  • Additional spare spirals/tank reels can be purchased; item No CPS1501 (35mm and 120/220 roll film)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast filling and draining of chemistry
  • Perfect for inversion method of agitation
  • Easy loading of 1520 adjustable 35mm/120 reels
  • High construction standards and durability

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With more than 90 years of history Jobo has updated and added to its innovative range. Jobo equipment has given thousands of professional and hobby photographers around the world the security to produce high quality consistent results. Jobo sits at the top of the tree when it comes to quality. All the Jobo range is of a very high standard.

The JOBO Tank 1520 is part of the modular 1500 tank system. It includes 1 Spiral (Item No CPS1501) for 35mm film or 1 x 120/220 film.

The 1500 Tank System is highly modular and durable roll film processing system for black-and-white and colour processing.

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JOBO 1520


2 x 35mm or 2 x 120


Hand Inversion or Rotation


If you need any help with loading film, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions: JOBO Loading 35mm Film

For drum capacities please read the manufacturer’s instructions: JOBO Tank and Drum Capacities