Paterson Changing Bag 70cm x 70cm

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  • Changing bag so film can be safely moved so it is not exposed to light
  • Fail-safe double skin bag
  • Small enough to fit into camera bag
  • Large enough to let a camera back to be fully opened

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The Paterson changing bag is one of the most essential pieces of kit for home development of film. Loading a film into a developing tank can be done in the bag so there is no need to find a darkroom!  With a fail-safe double skin and a double zip, you won’t risk the chance of damaging that precious film.

The bag is small enough to fit into a camera bag so if you are out and about taking some shots and you unfortunately get a jammed or partly exposed film, the bag is big enough to safely remove the film and let you continue shooting.

The inner lining is specially designed to avoid perspiration in prolonged use.

If you need any help in developing take a look at our film processing for beginners.


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