Tetenal Anti-Static Graphic Arts Cleaner 1L

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  • Effective cleaning product for films and mounting frames
  • Antistatic and non-aggressive

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Liquid cleaner for all film types and mounting frames to remove finger-marks, grease spots and glue residue.

A non-aggressive very effective cleaner. The cleaning agent is excellent for cleaning black-and-white and colour negatives or slides for scanning. Back in the day this Tetenal product was used to prepare 5” x 4” transparencies for drum mounted scanning and then to clean the drum afterwards.

After cleaning it is recommended to use cotton lint free gloves to stop getting new finger prints showing in your scans. Can be used in conjunction with Tetenal’s Optical Cleaning Cloth Item No. CPS101315 and Technotape Clean Air Spray Item No. CPSCAV.501.620.012.

Do not use to clean camera parts.


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Anti-Static Cleaner




Use with lint free anti-static cloth; small amount poured on to cloth