Tetenal Neofin Blue 6 x 50ml Bottles

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  • Tetenal 1 shot developer
  • 6 x 50ml bottles ideal for slow/medium speed films
  • As you may only need to use 1 x 50ml bottle at a time the remaining unopened bottles can last up to 2 years
  • Great product for beginners as if you make a mixing mistake you have only lost a small amount of developer
  • This product was originally sold in glass phials and the formulation has not changed since it was 1st launched
  • Ideal for black and white fine grained film S rated at 25-200 ISO/ASA. For use with Ilford Pan F or FP4 or Kodak equivalent

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A long established one-shot developer for use with slow to medium ISO/ASA black and white films yielding very sharp fine grain results.

Designed to be used in Paterson/Jobo or equivalent developing tanks.

Additional information


Neofin Blue


Black & White Film Developer


1+5 or 1+9 or 1+14


Optimum temperature 20C


For Ilford FP4 processing time is 6 mins at 20C


Intermittent; once every 30 seconds



6 x 50ml concentrate

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