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Paterson Super System 4 Universal Tank with 2 Reels

Paterson Super System 4 Universal Tank with 2 Reels

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The Paterson Super System 4 Universal Tank is a nice simple to load and easy to clean developing tank, which can be used to process all colour and black and white film. It has a large diameter one-piece lid and funnel which clips into place enabling you to fill and empty the tank with ease and speed. The tank lid has a watertight EVA lid preventing any leakages during processing.
The Paterson Super System comes with two auto load reels. The tank can take two 35mm films or one 120/220 film.
Quality made, the universal tank will give you years of processing your film. If you need any help with processing film please refer to our guides Film processing for beginners.
Important info: during use make sure the auto load reels are always used fixed onto the centre column provided. This will make sure the tank remains light tight during the processing cycle.
If needed, please follow the Paterson Super system 4 instructions.

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