Ilford & Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit

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  • Ilford and Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit
  • All the chemicals you need
  • Includes all the equipment needed

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Ilford and Paterson have combined to produce the ultimate film processing kit. With pretty much everything you need to process a film. The only one thing you will need is a darkroom or you can use the Paterson changing bag.

Ilford have provided pre-measured chemicals to the correct amount, making it easy and quicker to use. The chemicals that have been provided is enough to develop two rolls of 35mm film or one 120 film. The chemicals come in a starter pack which includes developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent.

The contents of the kit is the following:

  • Paterson Universal film tank
  • 2 x Paterson supersystem 4 reels
  • 3 x Paterson 600ml graduates
  • 1 Paterson thermometer
  • 1 Paterson stirrer
  • 2 x Paterson Film Clip sets
  • 1 Ilford 35mm Film cassette opener
  • 1 Ilford Simplicity Film Starter Pack

If you need any help with processing, please refer to our Film processing guide


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