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That is todays question! Well lets have a quick look and tell you why we think you should choose film photography?

Firstly, we think that when you try it, you will love it!

Each picture has originality and bags of personality. You can’t see your picture until they are developed, so taking your pictures will have to be done with more thought and consideration, which will bring that edge of excitement.

You basically slow down when taking film pictures. You don’t just take a picture of anything and everything like you would with a digital camera. You choose your subject carefully, weigh up the situation, you think, basically your photo will show your personality.

There are loads of different types of film to choose from, which will all give a unique different look to your snaps. Cameras also have features so that you can experiment and use those artistic skills.

Do you still have all of your digital pictures?

They may be deleted or lost with thousands of others. Each picture that you take in film photography has been done with thought and creativity so they will be treasured pictures that you keep.

It doesn’t just stop there, you can develop your photos yourself, bringing excitement as you watch them develop and giving you a huge sense of satisfaction that you have chosen the scene you are going to picture, all the way through to producing the actual photo.

There is just something special about holding an old school camera…. try it and feel the magic!

If you fancy indulging into the world of film photography just click here to see what film cameras we have to offer.

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